A Project proposal on Women Violence Prevention

Jhikargacha Development Organization (JDO)
Jessore- Benapol Main Road, Kritipur, Jhikargacha,

District: Jessore, Country:  Bangladesh.

 Ref:     JDO/J/497 (106)/2012                                                                 Date: 24/09/2012



District Program Coordinator

RELIEF International

Jessore Regional Office

Flat: B2, House: Austhayee Nibas

C&B Road, Karbala



Subject: Women Violence Prevention Project (WVP).


Dear Sir,


Greetings from Jhikargacha Development Organization (JDO) .


In response to your advertisement on the official website and guidelines, I am submitting herewith the enclosed proposal entitled “Women Violence Prevention Project (WVP).” to you for kind consideration for financial support.


JDO has been working with the poor women in rural area with a view to ensure the Women Rights. The organization has well trained and experienced staffs those who will operate and implement this program effectively and fruitfully.


We hope you would kindly review and consider the project and would help us to work for the development of Women rights through poor people of our society. Please extend your kind helping hands and cooperation and help us to work for the development of the poor women. JDO believes that Women Rights is essential for our society.


With our best wishes and kind regards,


Yours Sincerely,                                   Enclosed:

(Md. Moniruzzaman Monir)                  1. Filled up Application Form.

Executive Director.                         2. Registration Certificate Copy.







Mini-Grant Application Form

Title   of the action

Women   Violence Prevention (WVP).

Location of   the action District:   Jessore, Upazila: Jhikargacha, Union: Jhikargacha
Duration of   the action October to   December 2012 (3 Months)


Name of   Applicant


Jhikargacha Development   Organization (JDO).


Contact   person for this action Md. Moniruzzaman Monir

Executive Director

Postal   Address


Jessore Benapole Main Road, Kirtipur, Jhikargacha, Jessore.


Contact   person’s mobile phone No:


Mobile: 01712744613, 01947844303.


Contact   person’s e-mail address: Fax: e-mail:   jdo_jhikargacha@yahoo.com


Experience   in carrying out rights based development programmes

Name of     the project

Major     Focus

Out Puts

Working     Area



Education     support program (ESP) Child     Education 300     learners got Literacy aptitude and10 child centers are being carried out. Jhikargacha,     Jessore. BRAC start- 2005


amount-28571     $

Youth     partnership project (YPP) Awareness rising among the     adolescents on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS & Trafficking. Dialogue     meeting on School Teachers and Students. Community Volunteers and Religious     Leader and Social leaders. Jhikargacha,     Jessore. APRAJAYO-Bangladesh start- 2006


amount-5285     $

Human     Rights & Democracy Partnership Project (HRDP) Legal Aid     Support (Poor & hardcore poor) and Human Rights. Formation     of ADR Committee Dialogue Meeting on Equilibrium of Gender, Cultural     Activities and Legal Aid Support. Jhenaidha     Sadar Banchte     Shekha (Supported by DANIDA), BLAST start- 2004


amount-37714     $

Combat     Women and Child trafficking prevention (CWCTP) Prevention     of Trafficking Rally,     School campaign among School Children, Dialogue Meeting on Imam and Social     leaders & Cultural activities Jhikargacha,     Jessore. Dhaka Ahasania Mission (DAM), Rights- Jessore. start- 2006


amount-3005     $

Preventing     of Disable Development Physiotherapy     and materials support Development     of Disable-45 nuns Jhikargacha,     Jessore. National     Disable Development Foundation, CDD and own found start- 2003


amount-6290     $


(Water and     Sanitation)

Hardware     and Software Support Hardware     and software Support Hardware     and software Support one Union NGO Forum     (Supported by DANIDA) start- 2005


amount-22803     $

Addressing     the Needs of Deaf blind people in Bangladesh Prevention     of Awareness Physiotherapy and materials. 20 Deaf I     blind (Disable) People Development Jhikargacha,     Jessore. CDD     (Supported by UKAID) start- 2007

on going     amount-44314 $

An     Integrated Advocacy Effort for Safeguarding the Human Being those At-risk     to Traffick-ing under ACT Three     Upozila Advocacy program Three     Upozila GO- NGO and Seville Society Clear program Massage Jessore     District under Jhikargacha, Sharsa and Cwagacha BIVA     (Supported by WINROCK International) start- 2010


amount-4285     $

Disable     Development and  PhysiotherapyCenter Physiotherapy     and materials support Development     of Disable-45 nuns Jhikargacha,     Jessore. Bangladesh NGO Faundation start- 2008

on going

amount-9575     $

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS     Information into NGO Activities to prevent HIV/AIDS among young people in Bangladesh Raising     among the young people on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS Dialogue     meeting and Training Jhikargacha,     Jessore. SEDAB (Funded by padakhep     consortium/GFATM) start- 2008


amount-5300     $







Summary of   the proposed action and it’s relation with the protection mechanism of   Violence Against Women (300 words max.)



Bangladesh is one of the poorest and underdevelopment countries in   the world. About more than 85% of the total population live below to the   poverty line. Poverty is always breaking the normal life and living hood of   most of the people. This scenario is more complex and difficult in the countryside.   Due to poverty and ignorance about 90% people in the countryside can not get   human rights law support. On the other hand, Situation in regard to human   rights consciousness and practice is more vicious in the rural areas. As a   result, they are victims of severe oppression, deprivation and exploitation.   Men’s superiority and women’s ferocity are the social horn in the   countryside. She has to be under the guardianship of male relation. Lack of   awareness the women are restricted within the four walls of the family. They   are kept under veil like the birds in the cages. They can’t apply their votes   with their own opinion. Lack of consciousness of the countryside, early   marriage and eve teasing are increasing. Male persons are created under   pressure to women for getting money of dowry system. Women are tortured both   physically and mentally. Women are divorced from male person due to torture.   The women of countryside cannot get law support for village politics. The   women who are back from husband house, maximum period they are gone back with   their immature children. Next, those women and children are victims of   trafficking and addicted to drugs, seller, and child labor. Both are involved   to child-crime and especially women are victims to prostitute, suicide case,   and murder case in the society. The proposed project is for maximum tortured   women of 10 underdeveloped villages. The women of this area are illiterate,   poor, widow, husband –separated, destitute etc.


However, considering the above the facts reality, the   JDO wants to implement this project for prevention women violence from 10   villages in Jhikargacha Union under Jhikargacha Upazila. JDO has very skilled   staffs who are trend up from Madaripur Legal Aid Association, Banchte Shikha,   Blast. JDO are running mediation program especially Holydays for prevention   women violence. JDO are taken legal support from Blast.



Project   Objectives:



  • To know both men and women about Human Rights.
  • To abate physical and mental torture on women        in the project area
  • To get law support available in the project        area.
  • To build up husband and women relationship.
  • To prevent immature marriage, dowry system,        eve teasing, suicide case and trafficking in the project area.
  • To know about law support to all.
  • To ensure women rights in the society.



Activities & Effectiveness   (Gender mainstreaming etc):



  1. Courtyard Meeting: JDO        will be arranged Courtyard Meeting in 10 villages. The women of the project area will be awarded        about Mediation, Legal Aid Support, Human Rights Law, Trafficking Law,        and Child Protection Law. Nevertheless, they will be awarded immature marriage, dowry system, eve teasing, and        suicide case physical        and mental torture on women in the project area.
  2. School Campaign: JDO will be arranged for the prevention of        women violence at present and in future. Due to School Campaign, the children of school will be awarded about        human rights law, women & children trafficking, suicide case, eve        teasing, early marriage, dowry system, and child labor etc. Next, if        these problems are crated in the project area, they will inform to JDO.        And JDO will be given right solution help of the Government        Administration.


  1. Union Level Sharing Meeting:  Union level project sharing program will be organized at union        meeting room by JDO where union level administrator, elites, teachers,        religions leaders, political leaders, civic society, N.G.O        representative and selected stakeholders will be invited to attend the        program. To be discussed on the project program. Union Village Court will be active due to Union Level Sharing Meeting.        And through this meeting the invited people awarded about Mediation and Legal Aid Support        which is provided totally free by JDO.


  1. Mediation and Legal Aid Support: JDO will be provided Mediation and Legal Aid        Support to the women so that the        people of selected area can aware about Human Rights Law. As a result,        the violence on women will be abated from the society.







Brief description about sustainable   plan:


After finishing this project   activities, JDO will be running with other projects. JDO will be continued   their activity to prevent trafficking, early marriage help of the Government   Administration. JDO will be led mediation, legal aid support program   especially Holydays. And Court case solution will be given by JDO help of the   Blast, BNWLA, DLAC.



Project Budget


Head   of Expenditure





Courtyard Meeting: (16 meetings x   1000 per meeting)





School Campaign:




Union Level Sharing Meeting:




Mediation and Legal Aid   Support:




Others (Communication, Stationery,   etc)



Total Taka: Thirty thousand taka   only





Date and   place



















Registration Certificate: Attested





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